Wednesday, May 30, 2018

End of the year, baby!

Okay! Let me keep this clear.... EDUCATION is IMPORTANT! like CAPS LOCK, underlined, and bold important! It's just a relief that the school year is over. In a way, school is difficult. I mean, who  liked waking up like 6 or 7 in the morning, and also the unbearable hours of sitting in a classroom trying not to fall asleep. Plus, that takes away time from the personal projects you're doing! You're so busy on school projects, studying for tests, and whatever else! Not including, the millions and millions of homework (okay, that was over exaggeration, but you get my point.)

School is one of the things that kept me from posting for this blog (and also because I really had nothing to share.) Since it's the end of the school year, I'll probably post more. The blog will now be going to a different direction with more personal projects. Also my stories will be posted here. OKAY! I'm going off topic... I'm so glad the year is OVER. It feels like this burden was lifted of my shoulders.  I'm so excited for the summer. (Well in some countries, school is starting and well, sucks to be them I guess.)

Although, I did have some funny memories. Like the time, I bumped into someone's...... I'd rather not say. My friend told me that actually happened, and surprising enough, I don't remember! It's like I deleted it from my brain. We kept laughing at flags and maps, and the teachers just look at us, with this 'what the heck?!' faces. If you're a fan of the show I'm talking about, you would know why. Oh yeah! My friend burnt macaroni and cheese. Not just ordinary boil the macaroni then mix the cheese later macaroni and cheese, she burnt microwavable macaroni and cheese! Honestly, she doesn't know how it happened. It was washed away from her brain or something.WHATEVER!

So yeah! The End of the Year! Honestly, I'll miss 7th grade, the teachers were great (well most of them anyways....) I thank all the people who supported me through this year and CUT!!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hello again

Hi People. I haven’t used this blog for a while, but I decided to continue. We haven’t really started with the blog yet for the school year so.. The reason is we have a new teacher. Our new teacher’s pretty great. So this blog will consists more of some personal drawings and projects. If we start our blogs for this year maybe we’ll be able to post these stuff. So for my own personal projects and stuff I’m not gonna be as formal as when I write for my school projects. Thank you for reading and Cut!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

P3T2 Hall of Fame from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our new project is a music video! It is gonna be awesome!!!! So my new team is Ella, Mikaila, and Viora. They are awesome and has amazing skills . We chose the song Hall of Fame by The script. We chose it because it has a great message and describes how life is(you know trial and error). It also shows if people practice they can do it. We also just love the music and everything about it.

Our music video is about all of us failing at first then becoming good at it because of practice and hard work. We came up with that idea because we think that the song's meaning is keep trying until you finally get it and become a pro at it. So our story is Ella, Mikaila, Viora and I all fail and at the end we become professional and we get medals since we kept trying and won. So to make a conclusion to our music video,  We're gonna be in this hallway looking at the wall and each of us putting our baby pictures, yes our baby (or kindergarten) pictures, on the said wall and to end it we pose like super heroes. Doesn't that sound great!(Oh it's not that great unless you see the video because easier said than done,okay.) Anyways, I'm gonna be failing at running which is very easy because I'm already super bad and slow runner. (We're gonna make me look good and fast by making the other runners run slower than their regular speed.) Ella fails at basketball, but she's pretty good with the sport. Viora will be failing at art, but I think she's a good drawer and Mikaila fails at surfing, but I think she's also a great surfer. So that is pretty much it, just to wrap it up Ella and I are editor and Viora and Mikaila are band poster editors.

Some of the challenges we had is time...again. Wow time is man's worst enemy maybe sickness too but whatever. We have pretty good communication with each other and we're being more creative than ever in this year. We have awesome clips. We finally finished it at tuesday this week (5/23/17)
I feel like we will get a 3 or 4 for this project. The critique is today! (5/25/17) This is what we got a 3 and second place nice right we are tied with Team 4.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Our new project is a movie trailer (and no, sadly we're not gonna make a movie that will probably take too much time and probably a little to much to handle for us, middle schoolers, but who knows one of us might make it when we get older or write a book about it? I would.) This project is really exciting and will be fun to do. I teamed up with AftanMikaila, and Emily M. to make this happen. I'm acting as the creepy person or some kind of villain and the Narrator (you know the one that goes like "In a world.....") I also wrote part of the script and I'm the director of scene 4. I can feel that this is one of the greatest projects we'll ever do.

Our biggest challenge is meeting up we would try, but we just can't figure it out. I wish we had more time. Our biggest successes was recording the audio, our costumes and our amazing plot which has a complicated twist into it. Wanna know what the big plot twist is! Wait after a few years, someone will either make a movie or a write a book about this trailer (Probably me.)  So this trailer project  has been interesting. Our biggest enemy here is time. It keeps going and going and going without stopping to wait for anyone.  I also slipped one time when we were hiking to get the perfect background for the trailer. Don't worry I'm okay. I did scratch my arm, but overall I'm perfectly fine. This was really fun to make, we had a great laugh while making it and I am also very happy did this project even though it was time consuming.

The critique happened on Thursday, April 6, 2017. It was really exciting and we had a bunch of fun watching our trailers. We got a 3 or all expectation met as a grade and we also are tied 3rd place with these other 3 teams. Oh yeah our movie trailer is titled Trapped. We laughed so much at this two trailers called El Demonio Begins and Objection Overruled (credit to these teams), Go check this two trailers out. As they were voted 2nd and 1st best trailers that we had. Anyways I agree with our grade, Our trailer wasn't the best, but I loved this project so much. The experience was amazing of just seeing how real movie people make the movie trailers. This was great and the trailers we made were almost unbelievable that middle schoolers made them. This project was awesome!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

The new project we are doing is metamorphosis animation (as you can see in the title). It is mostly about change. We teamed up with other people to make this project happen. I got my team (Gavin and Alex) by random and talked about some great and not-so-great ideas.  Some of the ideas I had was sean sees world which is basically about a sad boy that didn't really understand the world and the fun that is with it.Then, one day he finally decides to explore what he was missing on.  We had no idea what focus statements we were going to use, but we came up with the focus statements: Flower finds Beauty and Hermit Embraces Society. We presented a pitch and we got approval for Hermit Embraces Society and that is what we are working on.

We finally decided that we were going to Hermit Embraces Society. Our focus statement is mostly about a selfish (shellfish) and grumpy hermit crab that lives in magical mountain lake turning human and finds a village that welcomes him. That was our original idea, but then Alex decided to change it. So the plot is now: Hermit lives in the mountain in a lake a fish asks him to play, but rejects her. He becomes human and he decides to go down the mountain. He finds a village. The villagers of the village welcome him and he makes new friends. The fish from the lake turns into human and goes to the village and she and hermit becomes best friends.

We just did our final critique on February 14, 2016 (Valentine's day). I was nervous at first, but I relaxed after a while. We got 2.7, but I think Mr. Sanderl is nice enough that he’ll round it into a 3. Even though our soundtrack is amazing, I do agree with the score, we got. The audio is kind of a little too loud and our voice acting wasn’t the best. However, even if we got rated 2.7, the project was over all fun and really interesting to do. I'll give you a little clue on what's the next project is. Our next project has to do with movies. Anyways going back to the critique, we had fun watching the awesome animations the other teams made. We even had a few laughs and the critique was just great!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

This one was made with a website, not my work.
 I believe facial expression are not universal. According to an article, some facial expressions are the same universally and some expressions are not. Facial expressions in other cultures were a little different. Even though, the facial expression are not universal we can still interpret what emotion the facial expression represents even with different cultures. Facial expressions has been researched over the years, because facial expressions are complex. But in truth, facial expressions are different in every culture.

This one was one of my work and I could have
done more better.
To make a low poly portrait, I needed to have a symmetric portrait or self portrait. I open photoshop with the picture.Color in the background white first. Then, get the line tool ready and outline the subject. After, merge the layers and title it outline. The next thing I do is outline triangles in your hair. Then I outline the triangles in my nose and eyes. After, I outline my skin with big triangles. I use the polygonal lasso and select the triangles go to filter, blur, then average.  I then just hit command F. I fill every triangle in. After, I copy my portrait layer. Then I use the polygonal lasso and use it to out line the subject. Copy it, then flip it in the other side. But thats just one way to make a low poly portrait.
This was my other attempt, but is done in another
way. This one is more colorful. Again, I could
have done more better.
The difference between AbadicioE_Poly-1 and AbadicioE_Poly-2 is that Poly-1 has outline and it was time consuming, but it was pretty easy since the outline already showed me where the triangles would be. It also made things easier since we were using a symmetrical photo and we only needed to do one side. Poly-2 was a little faster, but it was harder since you didn't have the outline and you had to select the color it. It is a lot more colorful than Poly-1 though. Even though they are different ways of making low poly, they had some similarities. Like the fact, that they are both low Poly Portraits. It took time and effort to make both of the Low poly portraits. I think that I could have done much better with both of the portraits, but I still finished them and I like how they look.
This is my best one and I'm quite proud of it.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature gives everything color and beauty. It also gives us the resources to survive. Sometimes nature can cause disasters.But we help each other rise again with the help of nature. Natures a big part of our lives without it we can't survive,we can't find anywhere to live.Nature is sometimes can cause disasters, but in truth it helps us live our life everyday.

Time lapses are wide angled videos that are faster than its original form. Slow-mos are close up shot of a usually fast things slowed down.In our project we have to use environmental tripods (the ground). To film a 5-20 minutes video where we will speed up in final cut pro. And also to film a 1-10 seconds where we will slow down in final cut pro.

The hardest part was filming the slow-mos and filming the time lapse. You can't predict the weather, filming the dark night sky, trying not to include any people in the shot. The slow-mo's problems was right timing, getting camera straight. The very difficult part of filming was making sure the camera was stable. My favorite part was writing the poem and editing the video.

Most people gave my retime nature project a 2 which is good enough for me.  Some people gave me a 3 which I am happy about. However, I do agree with the people who gave my project a 2. When we watched my video, there was shaking and there was a part of my video where my camera fell. I should have watched my camera or maybe edited that out.  I think the reason why some people gave me a 3 is because my music fit well and so does my poem. I still think that I still deserve a 2 though.